Here is the hyaluronic acid suitable for hyaluron pen

Let’s see which hyaluronic acids to use inside the hyaluron pen.

We will show you which of the products in circulation are best suited to be used inside the pen without needle. We will also explain why NOT ALL IALURONICI ACIDI lend itself to such use and we will indicate the characteristics they must have.

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1. HOW to use THE HYALURON PEN for lips or other facial parts




3. What hyaluronic acid use? hot question




What characteristics must hyaluronic acid have to be suitable to be used with hyaluronic pen?

Reflections on which hyaluronic acid to use in the Hyaluronic pen

Hyaluronic acid is a water-soluble molecule.
It can have a more or less high molecular weight in compositions called fillers depending on how tied or not it is, or rather CROSS-LINKED.

The greater the cross-linking, the greater the volume occupied by hyaluronic acid in space.

That’s why fillers are low, medium or high cross-linking.

The fillers, however, are injected while the hyaluronic acid extruded from the pen PASSES The EPIDERMIDE FOR DIFFUSION OSMOTICA !

A concept to keep in mind if you want to choose the right hyaluronic acid to use in the pen without needles.

Based on the above, we invite you to reflect on this question:

How can cross-linked hyaluronic acid pass by diffusion into the tissues underlying the epidermis if it is not injected?

Please note that hyaluron pen in other countries is used for medical purposes and that diabetic patients use it to carry insulin, thus avoiding using needle syringes.

Insulin in vials looks like a little viscous fluid, able to flow well through the walls of the syringe.

How to choose the hyaluronic acid suitable for hyaluron pen

Look at the images in the two videos above.

Have you seen how the substance “shot” from the hyaluron pen passes?

Have you ever tried to “shoot” hyaluronic acid CROSS-link with the pen?

Surely you will not have had good results.

The reason is that if we want to use the hyaluronic pen and WE WANT TO OBTAIN RESULTS, we must necessarily USE FREE OR Weakly CROSS-LINKED HYALURONIC ACIDS AND WITH SPECIAL MOLECULAR WEIGHTS (Kdalton).

Below we offer 7 products including FILLER, SOFT FILLER and BIOSTIMULANTS suitable to be inserted in Hyaluron Pen.

Free hyaluronic acid NOT-CROSS linked ideal for insertion into hyaluron pen. To treat lips and other areas of the face. Suitable for hyaluronic pens that produce min pressures. 5-6 bars.

buy the filler for h.PEN

Hyaluronic Pen Black & Gold edition distributed by specialkiss, with CE certification and long-lasting spring. Pressure generated 6.5 bars.

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New 2021 specific hyaluron pen products: fillers, soft fillers and biostimulations

MESORGA products are sterile, safe and tested for hyaluron pen. They must not be injected but used ONLY WITH HYALURON PEN.

Viscoelastic gel based on Hyaluronic Acid stabilized with PEG (Polyethylene Gligole), a brand new cross-linking agent that makes the filler three-dimensional


Ideal for obtaining a toning effect and soft filler thanks to the HA auto cross-linking formulation


bio Revitalize

Ideal for revitalizing and moisturizing. Toning and relaxing action thanks to the action of the tetrapeptide-2



Ideal for revitalizing and hydrating and obtaining cellular regeneration with a consequent increase in skin brightness. All thanks to the action of the bio-placenta and extremely concentrated free hyaluronic acid.


hydrating and ox

Ideal for revitalizing and moisturizing. Weak filling action thanks to the action of free hyaluronic acid with light, medium and heavy chains. Coenzyme Q10, Glutathione and Vitamin C participate in the antioxidant and anti-aging action.


lipo reducing

It is an innovative Lipolytic cocktail composed of the synergy of various peptides with a lipolytic and modeling action. Caffeine, theophylline and deoxycholate the main components


You have to use pens with springs capable of generating pressures greater than 6 bars.

We conclude by saying that the best solution if you are looking for a hyaluronic acid to be inserted inside the hyaluronic pen is a hyaluronic acid that must be:

  1. Free
  3. Sterile

Biiang has found the best products that exist on the market specifically for hyaluron pen.

We showed them to you. All have been designed for transdermal delivery with dermaroller or hyaluron pen.

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