New Hyaluron Pen 2020: innovative and functional

The theme dedicated to the hyaluron pen becomes more and more interesting. A few days ago, the new “pen” was presented, available in a new version with a design similar to the previous Black & Gold but significantly improved in functionality

In fact, the new pen is able to perform two essential functions:

  1. perfectly manage the dose to be dispensed
  2. decide the pressure to be delivered

In the new hyaluronic pen we no longer find the loading lever.

In fact, the pen charges with a rotating movement.

Let’s see some more features and find out the costs.

buy the new version

The very interesting thing is that the new 2020 pen is able to support syringes without needle of 2 sizes: 0.3 and 0.5 ml.
Biiang tested the new hyaluronic pen and found it to be very reliable.

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